Gourmet Tea
Cold Be Gone (Soothe and comfort your sinuses with the sweet brightness of this tea, brewing together lemon and winter fruits with a pinch of cinnamon to banish any pesky colds)

Slim Slender (Infuse your body with wellness from the wholesome combination of yerba mate, pu'erh, ginger and orange peel. This tea will boost your immune system and aid with burning fat)

Canadian Maple Walnut (Smooth caramel combines with a flowery undertone to give you taste of Canadian sweetness)

Namaste (Wake up your palate with uplifting mint, followed by floral and fruity notes and accented by refreching ginger. This Ayurvedic total body tea is designed to give you wholesome goodness in a cup)

Exotic Escape (Living by it's name, the sweet smell of tropical formula is a great way to relax. Escape from the busy world with a healthy, detoxing organic tea)

Honey Berry Sweet (Sweet and tangy burst of berries please the taste buds and are especially popular with the kids. This tea is good hot or iced)